Sentence Examples

  • He then supposed this cylindrical column of water to be divided into two parts, - the first, which he called the " cataract," being an hyperboloid generated by the revolution of an hyperbola of the fifth degree around the axis of the cylinder which should pass through the orifice, and the second the remainder of the water in the cylindrical vessel.
  • He considered the horizontal strata of this hyperboloid as always in motion, while the remainder of the water was in a state of rest, and imagined that there was a kind of cataract in the middle of the fluid.
  • Sliding Cont?,zct (lateral): Skew-Bevel Wheels.An hyperboloid of revolution is a surface resembling a sheaf or a dice box, generated by the rotation of a straight iAn line round an axis from which it is at a constant distance, - c and to which it is inclined at -~- a constant angle.

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