Sentence Examples

  • Climbing hydrangea (H. anomala petiolaris) - Originating in China and Japan, Climbing hydrangea can reach up to 60 feet, using its stems to cling to walls or other supports.
  • Smooth hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens) - Most people think of hydrangeas as shrubs for shade, but if you've got a sunny garden and are longing to grow hydrangeas, consider planting a smooth hydrangea variety.
  • Hydrangeas set down lots of little roots and have a large root ball, so be sure to dig around the hydrangea plant and take as much soil from its original location as possible to avoid disturbing the roots.
  • Groups of the bolder kinds associated with Hydrangea paniculata grandiflora, Lilium Henryi, and Azalea mollis are effective for months on end, and all revel in deep rich loam, old manure, and leaf-mould.
  • However, because there are so many types of hydrangeas/hydrangea varieties, most gardeners shouldn't have too difficult of a time finding the right hydrangea for their growing conditions.