Sentence Examples

  • Inside this wall is the special covering of the embryo which shortly becomes distended with clear hydatid fluid.
  • Laennec to the hydatid, immature or larval tapeworm.
  • The peculiar feature of the larval history of Cestodes is the development in most cases of a cyst or hydatid on the inner wall of which the scolex is formed by invagination.
  • In hydatid disease there is, as a rule, a marked increase in the number of those white corpuscles which possess a specially staining affinity with the dye eosin, and are therefore known as eosinophile cells.
  • 6) the Fallopian tube and ovary Parovarium Ligament Fallopian tube I Ovary of ovary Hydatid Fimbriated end of tube Round ligament Broad ligament are pulled out from the uterus; this, as has been explained, is not the position of the ovary in the living body, nor is it of the tube, the outer half of which lies folded on the front and inner surface of the ovary.