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  • LEONHARD HUTTER (1563-1616), German Lutheran theologian, was born at Nellingen near Ulm in January 1563.
  • Hutter was a stern champion of Lutheran orthodoxy, as set down in the confessions and embodied in his own Compendium locorum theologicorum (1610; reprinted 1863), being so faithful to his master as to win the title of "Luther redonatus."
  • Kirche (1827; 12th ed., 1883), in which h sought to present the teaching of the Protestant church in such way as Hutter would have reconstructed it, had he still been alive Leben Jesu (1829; 5th ed., 1865; Eng.
  • Hutter, Wanderungen and Forschungen im Nord-Hinterland von Kamerun (Brunswick, 1902); F.

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