Sentence Examples

  • In order to prevent the incursions of '.ht Thracians, a wall was built across its isthmus, which was less than 5 m.
  • He did not found a school, simply because ht had nothing new to teach, and the fact that a modern ware goes b~ the same name as his productions is simply because his sealth inscription on which (banko, everlasting) suggested the name oi the waresubsequently (1830) fell into the hands of one Mor Yusetsu, who applied it to his own ware.
  • 5(plan) at a range HT, if the axis were directed on T, drift would carry the shot to D, therefore the axis must be directed on a point D' such that D'T = DT.
  • Was the virtual master of this Innoce n t 11., arch whose championship of the papacy brought P P P P Y ht g not the smallest advantage, not even that of being crowned emperor with the habitual ceremonial at the place consecrated by tradition.
  • 42 it was given ht his first call.