Sentence Examples

  • LoveToKnow spoke with Sitarum Asur, Bernardo Huberman, and Gábor Szabó, researchers at the Social Computing Group of HP Labs, about a recent study they published about Twitter trending topics and other aspects of social media.
  • P141 P242 ��� -1 hp, - hpg = is converted into where dlo = d a P,q-1 - dapg vanish.
  • The direction of the resultant field of force will then make, with that of H E, an angle 0, such that Hp/H E tan 0, and the suspended needle will be deflected through the same angle.
  • Then, since Hp, the force at M due to m and - m, is the resultant of d, and - m2, we have (L Hp m d d2 2ml H = d3, the direction being parallel to AB.
  • At A the air occupies its original position, while at H it is displaced towards the right or away from A since HP is above the axis.