Sentence Examples

  • For that matter, towels in general are hardly common gifts to give unless they're for a specific occasion, such as a housewarming or perhaps to congratulate someone on the culmination of a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project.
  • Quote Garden - If you're just looking for examples of home-related quotes for your housewarming party invitations, the Quote Garden has a whole page of inspiring, funny, and thoughtful quotes on the subject of houses and homes.
  • They make a good present for most anyone, but are especially appropriate as wedding or housewarming gifts since people can use them to help finance their remodeling projects.
  • An engagement party may precede a bridal shower, wedding, and housewarming party and it is important to consider the cost implications of so many gift buying occasions.
  • If you enjoy browsing through stores in person, you can go to almost any card shop or party supply store and find a good selection of housewarming party invitations.