Sentence Examples

  • A horsehair brush: While the nylon brush is used for general ski waxing, the horsehair waxing brush is used for the bindings.
  • Twisted Tails Unique Horsehair Jewelry - Owner and jeweler Kim Howell began selling her horsehair jewelry online in 2002.
  • According to Sharp, all Dermestid larvae probably feed on dried animal matters; he mentions one species that can find sufficient food in the horsehair of furniture, and another that eats the dried insect-skins hanging in old cobwebs.
  • Sail-cloth, horsehair, cloth and webbing are manufactured.
  • This process with a moderate degree of heat thoroughly cleans it of external greasy matter, and all that is necessary before manufacturing is to gently tap the fur upon a leather cushion stuffed with horsehair with smooth canes of a flexibility suited to the strength of the fur.