Sentence Examples

  • A great many works on astrology and the casting of horoscopes, on the ways to secure victory in war, success_in love, in business or in gambling, are known, as also works on other branches of magic, to which subject the Siamese have always been partial.
  • Do still in the East, on comparison of the horoscopes of the pair to ascertain if their birth-signs were compatible.
  • He drew the horoscopes of the emperor and Wallenstein, as well as of a host of lesser magnates; but, though keenly alive to the unworthy character of such a trade, he made necessity his excuse for a compromise with superstition.
  • A papyrus of the Roman period in the British Museum attributes the invention of horoscopes to the Egyptians, but no early instance is known.
  • Without alteration) were horoscopes of Rameses II.