Sentence Examples

  • SOUND, 1 subjectively the sense impression of the organ of 1 " Sound " is an interesting example of the numerous homonymous words in the English language.
  • Yusuf at the head of 2000 Syrians against Ibn Zobair in Mecca, and despatched a messenger toTariq b.'Amr, who 1 Formerly the capital of the homonymous province of Syria; it lies a day's march west from Haleb (Aleppo).
  • Thus it cannot be doubted that the king Vishtaspa, who received Zoroasters doctrine and protected him, must have ruled in eastern Iran: though strangely enough scholars can still be found to identify him with the homonymous Persian Hystaspes, the father of Darius.
  • MEAN, an homonymous word, the chief uses of which may be divided thus.