Sentence Examples

  • He first appears (c. 357) as a supporter of Acacius, bishop of Caesarea, the leader of that party in the episcopate which supported the Homoean formula by which the emperor Constantius sought to effect a compromise between the Homoeusians and the Homousians.
  • 24), his visit to Constantinople in January 360, to attend the council convened by the Arian or Homoean party.
  • He appears to have joined the Homoean party, which took shape and acquired influence before the council of Constantinople in 360, where he adhered with the rest of the council to the creed of Ariminum, with the addendum that in future the terms inroTTao-cs and oucla should be excluded from Christological definitions.
  • And Homoiousians alike, adopting for himself the Homoean formula, "filium similem esse patri suo."