Sentence Examples

  • Turning to the ideal, in works entirely modern in motive and treatment, Hamo Thornycroft produced " The Mower " (1884) and " A Sower " (1886); the " Stanley Memorial " in the old church at Holyhead partakes of the same character.
  • The Holyhead and Great North Roads, uniting at Barnet, enter London by branches through' Hampstead and through Highgate, between the Old North and Edgware roads.
  • When in 1845 the plans for carrying the Chester and Holyhead railway over the Menai Straits were considered, the conditions imposed by the admiralty in the interests of navigation involved the adoption of a new type of bridge.
  • Of London by the Holyhead route, and 70 m.
  • Of Holyhead on the coast of Anglesey, Wales.

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