Sentence Examples

  • It should be noted that the sneakers, although launched under the branch of Run Athletics, are really more like athletically inspired casual shoes, rather than shoes you want to wear for running or any high-impact aerobic activity.
  • Sports bras for girls can be used as a modesty layer beneath revealing sports garments, as a sweat-wicking choice beneath many sports ensembles, and as the expected anti-bounce garment for high-impact activities.
  • Exercising in the water is beneficial for just about anyone, but is particularly useful for anyone whose joints can't take the pounding of high-impact exercises, such as running and high intensity aerobics.
  • Remember, even a low-impact exercise like yoga will still require a good sports bra, although you obviously won't need one that offers as much support as if you were doing high-impact aerobics.
  • While even a small-breasted woman should not use this cami for jogging or any other high-impact activity, many find it offers adequate support for low-impact exercise such as yoga or Pilates.