Sentence Examples

  • The tracheal system in Hexapods is very complex, 1 x, forming a series of longitudinal trunks with nexions transvers II), anastomosing finest sub-division and extendingdi by g by the After Miall and Denny, The Cock- nest su-vson and re roach, Lovell Reeve & Co.
  • Many larval Hexapods might be defined in similar general terms, unlike as they are to their parents in most points of detail.
  • Primitively (?) wingless Hexapods with cumacean mandibles, distinct maxillulae, and locomotor abdominal appendages.
  • In the Carboniferous strata (Coal measures) remains of Hexapods become numerous and quite indisputable.
  • With the dawn of the Mesozoic epoch we reach Hexapods that can be unhesitatingly referred to existing orders.

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