Sentence Examples

  • The labour and expense of passing this great work through the press devolved upon Halley, who also wrote the prefixed hexameters ending with the well-known line Nec fas est propius mortali attingere divos.
  • A few hexameters by him on the twelve signs of the Zodiac are quoted by Ausonius.
  • His grand but obscure hexameters, after the example of Parmenides, delighted Lucretius.
  • An extant poem (70 hexameters) also bears her name.
  • The best verses, Pontano's elegies, Politian's hexameters, were in like manner Latin; public orations upon ceremonial occasions were delivered in the Latin tongue; correspondence, official and familiar, was carried on in the same language; even the fabliaux received, in Poggio's Facetiae.