Sentence Examples

  • 13 a the cool season, and herons, bitterns and ducks at all times.
  • The trails pass through wooded areas and marshland, offering glimpses of a variety of plants and animals, such as great blue herons, barred and great horned owls, redheaded woodpeckers, red-tailed hawks, kestrels and turkey vultures.
  • 23), and the severing of the latter from the herons (No.
  • Bird watchers will be delighted to spy soaring eagles and herons throughout the park's property.
  • The herons, for instance, are much more Constrictipedes " than are the larks or the kingfishers, and, so far from the majority of " Inconstrictipedes " being polygamous, there is scarcely any evidence of polygamy obtaining as a habit among birds in a state of nature except in certain of the Gallinae and a very few others.