Sentence Examples

  • The yellow-crowned night-heron and the little blue heron nest rarely.
  • Martin's" Recherches sur la vie et les ouvrages d'Heron d'Alexandrie disciple de Ctesibius et sur tous les ouvrages mathematiques grecs conserves ou perdus,publies ou inedits, 9ui ont ete attribues a un auteur nomme Heron "(Mem.
  • Wolves are numerous in the mountains; the heron, ibis, wild goose and snipe in the valley of the Wei.
  • Now we know from the Book of the Dead, and other Egyptian texts, that a stork, heron or egret called the benu was one of the sacred symbols of the worship of Heliopolis, and A.
  • The common bittern (Botaurus stellaris) is nearly as large as the heron, and is widely distributed over the eastern hemisphere.