Sentence Examples

  • Kronenberg, Herders Philosophic nach ihrem Entwicklungsgang (1889); E.Kiihnemann, Herders Leben (1895); R.
  • For Herder's correspondence, see Aus Herders Nachlass (3 vols., 1856-1857), Herders Reise nach Italien (1859), Von and an Herder: Ungedruckte Briefe (3 vols., 1861-1862) - all three works edited by H.
  • Von Herders Lebensbild (with his correspondence), by his son, E.
  • The restaurant used to serve the drovers and cattle herders of the early 19th century.
  • In the country the mestizos are small agriculturists, herders, labourers and fishermen; but there are many educated and successful merchants and professional men among them.