Sentence Examples

  • HEPA filters are becoming more popular today, but the beauty of this product is you get high quality filtering along with a smaller, lightweight design that is easy to push around and even pull up the stairs.
  • The reasons for purchasing HEPA filtered air purifies are usually inspired by a desire to filter out air pollutants in a home such as dust mites and other impurities that can create health concerns.
  • Dirt Devil makes it possible to clean the air along with the floor.The unit's HEPA filter traps all of the most common allergens that make their way into our homes today and eliminates them.
  • Some ionizers feature a HEPA filter which sucks in and captures some of the particles, but for the most part, the majority of them fall to the floor where they are vacuumed up.
  • Of course, it's not an essential feature because True HEPA filters only need replacing once a year, but it's still a handy feature if you're not one to keep up on such things.