Sentence Examples

  • There is a brisk local trade in farm produce, and in the linen, hempen goods and pottery manufactured in Baza.
  • Before reaching Montserrato, Ignatius purchased some sackcloth for a garment and hempen shoes, which, with a staff and gourd, formed the usual pilgrim's dress.
  • These are enclosed in canvas, and around the surface of each stout hempen cord is tightly and closely coiled.
  • The object to be lacquered, which is generally made of thin white pine, is subjected to singularly thorough and painstaking treatment.
  • Modern surveying ships no longer make use of hempen lines with enormously heavy sinkers, such as were employed on the " Challenger," but they sound instead with steel piano wire not more than 310 to 215 of an inch in diameter and a detachable lead seldom weighing more than 70 lb.