Sentence Examples

  • Hemerocallis Minor - Known in many gardens under the name of H. graminea, from its grass-like foliage, was formerly classed by the older botanists as a variety of H. flava, though now considered distinct.
  • Day Lily (Hemerocallis) - The Day Lilies, though not numbering many distinct species, are varied both in habit and flower, and are very useful in the mixed border and in groups by the water-side.
  • Hemerocallis Aurantiaca Major - This is the name given by Mr Baker, of Kew, to a new and handsome kind from Japan, and of which a colored plate was given in The Garden, 23rd November 1895.
  • Hemerocallis Fulva - (Copper-colored Day Lily) is a much larger plant than H. flava, and more suitable for extensive planting in semi-wild or rough parts of the garden.
  • Few plants surpass a strong, well-flowered clump of Hemerocallis fulva, as we have seen it, mixed with a group of male Fern near a brook.

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