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  • Nor did the measures made by the Germans with heliometers come out any better.
  • The instruments used were heliometers, the construction and use of which had been greatly improved, largely through the efforts of Gill himself.
  • The fact remains that before 1820 2 Fraunhofer had completed one or more of the five heliometers (3 in.
  • 2 The diameter of Venus was measured with one of these heliometers at the observatory of Breslau by Brandes in 1820 (Berlin Jahrbuch, 1824, p. 064).
  • 4) that Bessel had indicated, by notes in his handbooks, the following points which should be kept in mind in the construction of future heliometers: (I) The segments should move in cylindrical slides; b (2) the screw should be protected from dust; 6 (3) the zero of the position circle should not be so liable to change; 7 (4) the distance of the optical centres of the segments should not change in different position angles or otherwise; 8 (5) the points of the micrometer screws should rest on ivory plates; 9 (6) there should be an apparatus for changing the screen.'° Wilhelm Struve, in describing the Pulkowa heliometer,' 1 made The distances of the optical centres of the segments from the eye-piece are in this method as I; secant of the angle under measurement.

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