Sentence Examples

  • HEDON, a municipal borough in the Holderness parliamentary division of the East Riding of Yorkshire, England, 8 m.
  • According to tradition the men of Hedon received a charter of liberties from King lEthelstan, but there is no evidence to prove this or indeed to prove any settlement in the town until after the Conquest.
  • By it the king granted to William, count of Albemarle, free borough rights in Hedon so that his burgesses there might hold of him as freely and quietly as the burgesses of York or Lincoln held of the king.
  • Granted to Edmund, earl of Lancaster, and Avelina his wife, then lord and lady of the manor, the right of holding a fair at Hedon on the eve, day, and morrow of the feast of St Augustine and for five following days.
  • In 1280 it was found by an inquisition that the men of Hedon "were few and poor" and that if the town were demised at a fee-farm rent the town might improve.

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