Sentence Examples

  • Nitrosyl chloride, NOC1, is obtained by the direct union of nitric oxide with chlorine; or by distilling a mixture of concentrated nitric and hydrochloric acids, passing the resulting gases into concentrated sulphuric acid and heating the so-formed nitrosyl hydrogen sulphate with dry salt: HN03+3HCl=NOC1+C12 +H 2 O; NOC1 + H2S04 = HCl + NO SO 4 H; NO SO 4 H + NaC1 = Noci+NaHS04 (W.
  • Crafts), C6H6+CH3COCl == HCl + C6H5COCH3.
  • Pararosaniline was reduced to the corresponding leuco compound (paraleucaniline), from which by diazotization and boiling with alcohol, the parent hydrocarbon was obtained (H 2 N C 5 H 4) 2 C:C 6 H 4 :NH 2 Cl - HC(C6H4NH2 HCl)3 - >HC(C6H4N2C13) Pararosaniline hydrochloride.
  • The first aliphatic diazo compound to be isolated was diazoacetic ester, CH N2 CO 2 C 2 H 5 i which is prepared by the action of potassium nitrite on the ethyl ester of glycocoll hydrochloride,HCl NH2 CH2 C02C2H 5 -1-KNO 2 =CHN 2 CO 2 C 2 H 5+ KCI+2H 2 O.