Sentence Examples

  • Harriers are a smaller breed of foxhounds, distinguished by their pointed ears, as it is not the custom to trim these.
  • Otterhounds are thick, woolly harriers with oily underfur.
  • Hare hunting requires considerable skill; Beckford even goes so far as to say: "There is more of true hunting with harriers than with any other description of hounds..
  • The sport has never been so vigorously pursued as it was at the beginning of the 20th century, 19 packs of staghounds being kept in England and 4 in Ireland, over 170 packs of foxhounds in England, ro in Scotland and 23 in Ireland, with packs of harriers and beagles too numerous to be counted.
  • Among the birds, of which 172 species are described by Mr Swinhoe in his paper in The Ibis (1870), there are eagles, notably a new species Spilornis Rutherfordi, buzzards, harriers, kites, owls, goatsuckers and woodpeckers.