Sentence Examples

  • The Himalo-Chinese or Transgangetic province shows the characteristics of its avifauna also far away to the eastward in Formosa, Hainan and Cochin China, and again in a lesser degree to the southward in the mountains of Malacca and Sumatra.
  • The Kwang-tung coast abounds with islands, the largest of which is Hainan, which forms part of the prefecture of K`iung-chow Fu.
  • The southern and eastern portions of Hainan are mountainous, but on the north there is a plain of some extent.
  • Canton, Swatow, K`iung-chow (in Hainan), Pakhoi, San-shui are among the treaty ports.
  • HAINAN, or, as it is usually called in Chinese, K`iung-chow fu, a large island belonging to the Chinese province of Kwang-tung, and situated between the Chinese Sea and the Gulf of Tong-king from 20° 8' to 17° 52' N., and from 108° 32' to 111° 15' E.