Sentence Examples

  • The gth it voted the downfall of the temporal power and proclaimed the republic. Mazzini hurried p~c7ama to Rome to see his dream realized, and was chosen tlon,of the head of the Triumvirate.
  • In A two medusa-buds are seen within the gonotheca (gth), the upper more advanced than the lower one.
  • On the gth of May 1843 he was appointed secretary of state ad interim, after the resignation of Daniel Webster.
  • After a fresh reorganization during the night an attempt was yet again made on the gth to win the mountain, and that day some British and Indian troops actually fought their way on to a commanding summit from which the Narrows could be seen, only, however, speedily to be driven off again.
  • In the gth century, after the capital had been established at KiOto, the palace of the sovereigns and the mansions of ministers and nobles were built on a scale of unprecedented grandeur.