Sentence Examples

  • A great number of birds' bones have been found in caves, and among them some bearing marks of human workmanship. In France we have a large and extinct crane, Grus primigenia, but more interesting are the numerous relics of two species, the concomitants even now of the reindeer, which were abundant in that country at the period when this beast flourished there,and have followed it in its northward retreat.
  • Grues "-Grus, Pallas.
  • Of the crane there are seven species, the stateliest and most beautiful being the Grus japonensis (tanchO or tanchO-zuru), which stands some 5 ft.
  • Grus cinerea), the Grus leucauchen (mana-zuru), the Grus monachus (nabe-zuru), and the white crane (shiro-zuru).
  • From Pikermi in Greece is known a Gallus, a Phasianus and a large Grus.