Sentence Examples

  • Grum Grzimailo, Description of a Journey to Western China (1898-1899); V.
  • (Grum-Grzimailo).
  • The population may number about 125,000, of whom 75, 000 are settled and about 50,000 nomads (Grum-Grzimailo).
  • It is supposed (Grum-Grzimailo) that the Oirads conquered it at the end of the 16th or the beginning of the 17th century; they kept it till 1755, when the Chinese annexed it.
  • Grum-Grshimailo found on the Pamir the butterfly Colias nastes, a species characteristic of Labrador and Lapland; like the alpine plants which bear witness to a Glacial period flora in the Himalayas, this butterfly is a survival of the Glacial period fauna of the Pamir.

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