Sentence Examples

  • Early in the 29th century Griquas established themselves north of the Orange.
  • Trouble first arose, however, between the Boers and the Griquas in the Philippolis district.
  • The majority of the white farmers in Kok's territory sent a deputation to the British commissioner in Natal, Henry Cloete, asking for equal treatment with the Griquas, and expressing the desire to come on such terms, under British protection.
  • Shortly afterwards hostilities between the farmers and the Griquas broke out.
  • British troops were moved up to support the Griquas, and after a skirmish at Zwartkopjes (May 2, 1845) a new arrangement was made between Kok and Sir Peregrine Maitland, then governor of Cape Colony, virtually placing the administration of his territory in the hands of a British resident, a post filled in 1846 by Captain H.

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