Sentence Examples

  • To the latter belong the Greenshank and Redshank, as well as the Common Sandpiper, the " Summer-Snipe " above-mentioned, a bird hardly exceeding a skylark in size, and of very general distribution throughout the British Islands, but chiefly frequenting clear streams, especially those with a gravelly or rocky bottom, and mast generally breeding on the beds of sand or shingle on their banks.
  • GREENSHANK, one of the largest of the birds commonly known as sandpipers, the Tetanus glottis of most ornithological writers.
  • The greenshank is a native of the northern parts of the Old World, but in winter it wanders far to the south, and occurs regularly at the Cape of Good Hope, in India and thence throughout the Indo-Malay Archipelago to Australia.
  • Melanoleucus, there called willets, telltales or tattlers, which in general habits resemble the greenshank of the Old World.