Sentence Examples

  • For retirees preferring the Chattanooga area of Tennessee, the retirement community of Greenbrier Cove offers an active lifestyle and affordable living.
  • There are mineral springs, mostly medicinal waters, in Greenbrier, Summers, Webster, Ohio and Preston counties.
  • Greenbrier limestone 350 400
  • White Sulphur Springs, in Greenbrier county, impregnated with sulphur, with therapeutic application in jaundice, dyspepsia, &c.; Alleghany Springs, in Montgomery (disambiguation)|Montgomery county, calcareous and earthy, purgative and diuretic; Rawley Springs in Rockingham county, Sweet Chalybeate Springs in Alleghany county, and Rockbridge Alum Springs in Rockbridge county, classed as iron springs and reputed of value as tonics, and the thermal springs, Healing Springs (88° F.) and Hot Springs (Iio F.), both in Bath (disambiguation)|Bath county are noted medicinal springs.