Sentence Examples

  • Simon, grandnephew of Joseph Simon, was born at Tripoli in 1752, and was professor of Oriental languages in Padua.
  • In 1542 he received the cardinal's hat, and in 1578 when he was called to succeed his grandnephew Sebastian on the throne, he held the archbishoprics of Lisbon and Coimbra as well as that of Braga, in addition to the wealthy abbacy of Alcobazar.
  • He seems to have been the grandnephew of Roger Bacon (Brit.
  • On his mother's side he was a grandnephew of Pere Coton, the confessor of Henry IV.
  • The Life and Letters of Gilbert White of Selborne, by his great grandnephew, Rashleigh Holt-White, appeared in 1901.