Sentence Examples

  • And xii.; Wechssler, Die verschiedenen Redaktionen des Graal-Lancelot Cycklus; J.
  • Sundry manuscripts of the yet more extensive compilation which begins with the Grand Saint Graal also refer to Map as having composed the cycle in conjunction with Robert de Borron, to whom, as a rule, the Grand Saint Graal and Merlin are exclusively assigned.
  • Hucher, Le Grand Saint Graal; Paulin Paris, Romans de la Table Ronde; Alfred Nutt, Studies in the Legend of the Holy Grail.
  • Of the Perceval-Grail romances the oldest from the point of view of manuscript preservation is the Perceval or Conte del Graal of Chretien de Troyes.
  • Of Le Saint Graal (1875-1878); an edition of the Modena text has also been prepared.

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