Sentence Examples

  • The doctor may also examine the neck with the eyes and hands to see if a goiter is present.
  • Massage should not be used locally on affected areas (i.e., avoid using massage on the specific areas of the body that are affected by the condition) for the following conditions: eczema, goiter (thyroid dysfunction), and open skin lesions.
  • Most commonly, patients treated with thyroidectomy, in the form of partial or total removal of the thyroid, suffer from large goiter and have suffered relapses, even after repeated attempts to address the disease through drug therapy.
  • Other names for hyperthyroidism, or specific diseases within the category, include Graves' disease, diffuse toxic goiter, Basedow's disease, Parry's disease, and thyrotoxicosis.
  • Although goiter continues to be a problem in other parts of the world, it no longer occurs in the United States because of the fortification of foods with iodine.