Sentence Examples

  • Chesterfield, who had no children by his wife, Melusina von Schulemberg, illegitimate daughter of George I., whom he married in 1733, adopted his godson, a distant cousin, named Philip Stanhope (1755-1815), as heir to the title and estates.
  • Billy's his godson or something.
  • I tried to make a photographer out of my godson Billy, but I'm afraid at his age there are a lot more interesting things to do, and they all have female names.
  • But he stands or falls by the Letters to his Son, first published by Stanhope's widow in 1774, and the Letters to his Godson (1890).
  • 4to); Letters to his Son, 6fc., edited by Lord Mahon (London, 1845-1853, 5 vols.); and Letters to his Godson (1890) (edited by the earl of Carnarvon).