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  • Gaullieur in the same review in 1857, and all the available material is utilized in a monograph on her and her work by P. Godet, Madame de Charriere et ses amis (2 vols., Geneva, 1906).
  • See Godet, Commentaire sur l'evangile de S.
  • See Godet, Bermuda, its History, Geology, Climate, &c. (London, 1860); Lefroy, Discovery and Settlement of the Bermudas (London, 1877-1879); A.
  • 1876), Godet (1879-80, Eng.
  • FREDERIC LOUIS GODET (1812-1900), Swiss Protestant theologian, was born at Neuchatel on the 25th of October 1812.

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