Sentence Examples

  • The Kehoes were a God-fearing family who, despite their relative wealth, nevertheless remained down-to-earth.
  • Various stories were circulated about the looseness of Walid's manner of life; Yazid accused him of irreligion, and, by representing himself as a devout and God-fearing man, won over the pious Moslems. The conspirators met with slight opposition.
  • Dass lived here in quietude, with something of the honours and responsibilities of a bishop, brought up his family in a God-fearing way, and wrote endless reams of verses.
  • The penitent and God-fearing Jews of the post-exilic age needed some softening appendix, and this the editor provided.
  • The advance of morality is shown in the more frequent use of terms such as " just " (&LLKacos), " piety " (&ih), " insolence " (15 1 3pcs), " god-fearing" (0eou&7) s), " pure " (&yvos); and also in the plot of the story, which is distinctly a contest between right and wrong.