Sentence Examples

  • Glyoxime, HON: CH CH: NOH, obtained from glyoxal and hydroxylamine, or by boiling amidothiazole with excess of hydroxylamine hydrochloride and water, melts at 178° C. and is readily soluble in hot water.
  • Paraldehyde is oxidized by dilute nitric acid, with formation of much glyoxal, (CHO) 2.
  • Their constitution follows from their formation from dibromosuccinic acid and from their synthesis from glyoxal cyanhydrin, these two methods producing the inactive racemic form which may then be split into the active components.
  • Gohring, 1882, 1 5, p. 2 57 2; 1883, 16, p. 1833); by the action of orthotoluidine on glyoxal at 150° C. (V.