Sentence Examples

  • Exercise Intensity and Duration: Endurance athletes tend to diminish their stores of muscle glycogen - the carbohydrate stored in your muscle tissue that fuels most of your exercise.
  • Because the brain cannot utilize fatty acids for energy, the liver produces excess ketones so as not to deplete the glycogen stores in the muscles and to prevent the breakdown of body proteins and muscle mass.
  • The significance of glycogen in large amounts, or of its absence from the tissues in pathological conditions, is not clearly understood.
  • Within the cytoplasm are found manifestations of functional activity, in the form of digestive vacuoles, granules, fat, glycogen, pigment, and foreign bodies.
  • Invisible to the microscope, but rendered visible by reagents, are glycogen, Mucor, Ascomycetes, yeast, &c. In addition to these cell-contents we have good indirect evidence of the existence of large series of other bodies, such as proteids, carbohydrates, organic acids, alkaloids, enzymes, &c. These must not be confounded with the numerous substances obtained by chemical analysis of masses of the fungus, as there is often no proof of the manner of occurrence of such bodies, though we may conclude with a good show of probability that some of them also exist preformed in the living cell.