Sentence Examples

  • The age of the glacial deposits is later than the Glossopteris flora and occurs early in the time of the Gangamopteris flora.
  • At Bajo de Velis, in San Luis, the plants belong to the " Glossopteris flora," which is so widely spread in South Africa, India and Australia, and the beds are correlated with the Karharbari series of India (Permian or Permo-Carboniferous).
  • Dvina, Glossopteris, Noeggerathiopsis and other ferns characteristic of the Indian Gondwana beds have been found; and with these are numerous remains of reptiles similar to those which occur in the Indian deposits.
  • Some of the plants are European forms, others belong to the Glossopteris flora characteristic of India and South Africa.
  • In Zululand they are chiefly anthracitic. The fossils include several species of Glossopteris among them: Glossopteris ' See C. L.