Sentence Examples

  • The rupture had not yet been made evident between the Girondist party and that section still more extreme, that of the Mountain.
  • JACQUES PIERRE BRISSOT (1754-1793), who assumed the name of DE Warville, a celebrated French Girondist, was born at Chartres, where his father was an inn-keeper, in January 1754.
  • Pache had twice been minister of war in the Girondist government; but his incompetence had laid him open to strong criticism, and on the 4th of February he had been superseded by a vote of the Convention.
  • The list drawn up by Hanriot, and endorsed by a decree of the intimidated Convention, included twenty-two Girondist deputies and ten members of the Commission of Twelve, who were ordered to be detained at their lodgings "under the safeguard of the people."
  • On the 3rd of October of the same year (11 Vendemiaire, year III.) a solemn fete in honour of the Girondist "martyrs of liberty" was celebrated in the Convention.