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Any strong fortification; unassailable fortress.
Webster's New World
proper name
Small peninsula at the southern tip of Spain, extending into the Mediterranean: 2.5 sq mi (6.5 sq km); it consists mostly of a rocky hill (Rock of Gibraltar), 1,396 ft (426 m) high.
Webster's New World
British crown colony, including a port & naval base, on this peninsula.
Webster's New World
Strait between Spain & Morocco, joining the Mediterranean & the Atlantic: c. 35 mi (56 km) long.
Webster's New World

An overseas territory of the United Kingdom at the southern end of Iberia.


A strait connecting the Mediterranean to the Atlantic between Gibraltar and Morocco.

A British colony centered around the heavily fortified Rock of Gibraltar, a strategically located peninsula on the north side of the Strait of Gibraltar, connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean between Spain and northern Africa. Gibraltar was captured by Arabs in 711 and passed to the Spanish in 1462. Great Britain captured Gibraltar in 1704 and was granted sovereignty by treaty in 1713.
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Origin of Gibraltar

  • From the Arabic جبل طارق (Jabal Ţāriq), meaning Mountain of Tariq, who led the Umayyad conquest of Hispania, starting in 711. Replaced earlier Latin Mons Calpe (“Mount Calpe”) for the land, and Ancient Greek Ηράκλειες Στήλε (Ērakleies Stēle, “Pillars of Hercules”) (Latin Columnae Herculis) for the strait.

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