Sentence Examples

  • You could power generators that could light up a stadium.
  • Sylvester, Cayley and MacMahon succeeded, by a laborious process, in establishing the generators for 0=5, and 0=6, viz.: 5 15 531 1 -z 2.1-z 3.1-z 4.1-z 5 ' 1-z2.1-z3.1-z4.1-z5.1-z6' but the true method of procedure is that of Stroh which we are about to explain.
  • We have our own kinds of generators, ones that don't work nearly as well.
  • The first class may again be subdivided into generators in which the water rises in contact with the carbide, in which it drips upon the carbide, and in which a vessel full of carbide is lowered into water and again withdrawn as generation becomes excessive.
  • The orchestra fell silent, and somewhere someone --possibly the host --called for the generators to be turned on.