Sentence Examples

  • The generator would be more than the town needed, even for winter.
  • Much like her, the generator sat useless.
  • In some cases when a magneto-generator is employed for calling purposes the coil of the machine is automatically cut out of circuit when it is not in action, and is brought into circuit when the handle is turned by the operation of a centrifugal or other arrangement.
  • "And, well, when you got the generator to work, we kinda figured it out," Kelli added.
  • These latter forms are enumer ated by I - z 24 I -z 4; hence the generator of quartic perpetuants must be z4 z4 z7 1-z 2.1 -z 3.1z 4 1-z 2.1-s 4 1-22.1-z3.1-z4' and the general form of perpetuants is (4 K+ 1 3A+1 2�).