Sentence Examples

  • The harvest comes in January and February, in the rainy season, and the nut-gatherers often come one or two hundred miles in their boats to the best forests.
  • Inspectors and tax-gatherers did their work under police protection, and in several parts of the country riots had to be suppressed menu inililari.
  • In the reign of Augustus, having joined in the insurrection against the tax-gatherers, it was destroyed by Cornelius Gallus and became a collection of villages.
  • Administering the civil side of his government through Jewish tax-gatherers and farmers of the taxes, and surrounded by the Mudjar guard, who were the executors of his justice, his path is marked by one long succession of murders.
  • It subjected every farmer, manufacturer, merchant and shopkeeper to the continual visits and examination of the tax-gatherers, whose number was necessarily very great.