Sentence Examples

  • Gamaliel II.
  • "WARREN GAMALIEL HARDING (1865-), 29th President of the United States, was born at Corsica (then Blooming Grove), Morrow co., Ohio, Nov.
  • GAMALIEL (SK'), This name, which in Old Testament times figures only as that of a prince of the tribe of Manasseh (vide Num.
  • Gamaliel I., a grandson of Hillel, and like him designated Ha-Zagen (the Elder), by which is apparently indicated that he was numbered among the Sanhedrin, the high council of Jerusalem.
  • According to the tradition of the schools of Palestine Gamaliel succeeded his grandfather and his father (of the latter nothing is known but his name, Simeon) as Nasi, or president of the Sanhedrin.