Sentence Examples

  • It is pleasantly situated in the steepsided valley of the river Gade, immediately above its junction with the Bulbourne, near the Grand Junction canal.
  • In connexion with the university are the observatory, the chemical laboratory in Ny Vester Gade, the surgical academy in Bredgade, founded in 1786, and the botanic garden.
  • South-west from this point extends the line of gardens which occupy the site of former landward fortifications, pleasantly diversified by water and plantations, skirted on the inner side by three wide boulevards, Ostervold, Norrevold and Vestervold Gade, and containing noteworthy public buildings, mostly modern.
  • On the inner side of Ostevold Gade is Rosenborg Park, with the palace of Rosenborg erected in 1610-1617.
  • The Norrevold Gade leads through the N6rretor y past the Folketeatre and the technical school to the Orsteds park, and from its southern end the Vestervold Gade continues through the Raadhus Plads, a centre of tramways, flanked by the modern Renaissance town hall (190,), ornamented with bronze figures, with a tower at the eastern angle.