Sentence Examples

  • FUBAR stands for Fueled Up Beyond All Recognition, so it is no surprise that the Fubar organic fuel bar line of products is designed for athletes and other people who need maximum nutrition and energy.
  • Since Fubar organic fuel bars were created and produced under the supervision of military members who experienced harsh physical conditions, this company is an advocate for military members.
  • The Fubar product line includes drinks as well as organic fuel bars that are both designed to replenish the body and give people the fuel they need to exceed their own physical limitations.
  • Fubar makes the claim that these bars will help men fuel their bodies through rigorous physical activity and will assist women curb hunger cravings and potentially alleviate hot flashes.
  • Although Fubar products are primarily marketed as appropriate for athletes and people put into extreme conditions, they are also marketed as being appropriate for everyone else.

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