Sentence Examples

  • ., so that fs(x) is obtained from f s _ 1 (x) by the above process, we have f(x +h) =.f(fi(x).
  • 69: 7rpaTTOUO fS t v 116.-ycp 130uXn3 rwrnpia).
  • If A is the area of the plate web in a vertical section, the intensity of shearing stress is fs = S/A and the intensity on horizontal sections is the same.
  • All along the Nile banks from morning to night may be seen brown-skinned peasants working these shadi fs, tier above tier, so as to raise the water 15 or 16 ft.
  • The administrative head of the system fs the director of education, who is appointed by the commission, and who arranges the course of study, approves the plans for school houses, determines in what towns secondary schools shall be established and in what towns American teachers shall teach, divides the archipelago into school divisions and appoints a division superintendent in each, and supervises the examination of teachers and the application of insular school funds.